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Welcome to the latest news in the world of Bike Lights UK! This is our brand new Section were we will keep our customers updated about new product releases from Magicshine and other brands. Plus there will be competitions discount codes and many more posted in the future.

Need Your Magicshine Lights For Christmas?

Saturday 15th December 2018

Need Your Magicshine Lights For Christmas? Our last shipping date for guaranteed delivery for Christmas is Friday 21st Of December. So if you need some shiny new Magicshine Bike Lights in time for Christmas. Make sure you order by 3pm on Friday the 21st! Remember that we currently have a 5% Discount code running so don't forget to enter "HELLO5" at checkout to receive your discount.…

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Christmas Discount Code Enjoy Discount Until December 15th!

Wednesday 28th November 2018

Christmas is fast approaching and here at Bike Lights UK we are feeling festive already. Enjoy 5% off everything online With code HELLO5. Simply enter it at checkout to receive 5% off your order total! Remember Bike Lights UK is the biggest authorised retailer of Magicshine lights here in the UK. We back up there amazing products with UK support and 12 month no quibble warranty. We deal direct with the manufacturer so can offer you the best possible prices and service on all Magicshine Bike Lights,…

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Announcement Following The Closure Of Magicshine UK

Saturday 17th November 2018

Over the Past couple of weeks we have had numerous emails from worried customers regarding warranty questions now that Magicshine UK have closed. Therefore we just wanted to clarify and answer a few of the Frequently asked questions. 1. Magicshine UK are not the owner and manufacturers of the Magicshine Lights. They were simply a retailer in the UK. 2. Therefore there closure does not effect any warranty claims with ourselves and you will still receive a 12 month warranty on all products purchased from us including accessories and batteries. 3. Since we started business in 2011 we have never had any business relation with Magicshine UK and we deal directly with the manufacturer therefore our supply chain will not be effected due to Magicshine UK closure. (However we have struggled to keep on top of stock control as the closure of Magicshine UK took us by surprise and therefore did not have enough stock to cope with the extra demand.) We are hope-full that this will be resolved in the next week or so and should not be running out of stock as frequent. 4. Warranty Issues with orders from Magicshine UK. We are currently working with the Manufacturer to come up with some sort of agreement so that we can help Magicshine UK customers with any warranty claims. However until we reach an agreement we can not take in any faulty Magicshine UK orders. We Recommend getting in touch directly with the Manufacturer on However if you have any question regarding the function of the lights etc... Please do not hesitate to get in touch we will be more than happy to help. If you have any questions regarding the information above please let us know. Kind Regards…

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Don't Be Left In Dark Clocks Go Back This Evening!

Saturday 27th October 2018

For Most of us it is the start of winter! The weekend that the clocks go back means leaving work the following week in complete darkness! Don't Be left in the dark this winter on your ride Home! With a new shipment from Magicshine that has just arrived enjoy a limited time only 10% discount code! Simple Enter GOBACK10 at checkout to get your 10% discount!…

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Now In Stock Replacement 18650 Cells For the Monteer 1400

Monday 8th October 2018

Just arrived this week! The Spare 18650 Magicshine Cells. If you are looking for a longer run time with your Magicshine Monteer 1400 then you can purchase extra battery cells that are easy to exchange and prolong your battery. Please note: These cells have been designed specifically for the Magicshine Monteer 1400, standard cells do not fit the Monteer 1400.…

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September 2018 Magicshine Bike Light Deals

Wednesday 12th September 2018

With the nights starting to get darker we have released some special deals for September only! The Magicshine MJ-900 was £54.99 now Only £42.99! The popular Magicshine MJ-900 boasts a whopping 1200 Lumens from a small and lightweight unit this really is a pretty amazing light. With rave reviews from MBUK and other leading publications you can really see why this bike light has been such a great hit with cyclists around the world. With a 2.5 hour run time from the standard battery or you can choose to upgrade the battery pack if you think you will need it to a 5200 mAh or 7800 mAh. At a reduced price for September of just £42.99 this price will not be beaten! The New Magicshine Allty 500 Bike Light was £54.99 now ONLY £44.99 The new Magicshine Allty 500 designed specifically for the road cyclist is an all is one usb rechargable battery with a built in rear light for the ultimate road safety and great beam pattern to light up country lanes and canals was £54.99 now only £44.99 The Magicshine MJ-886B Running Head Light Was £30 now only £19.99! Looking for a head lamp to go out running with or for walks with the dog? The Magicshine MJ-886B will provide you with 300 Lumens of power with the elastic head strap that is comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. All for just £19.99 this one is a real Bargain and will run until stock runs out! Get a Further 10% off when applying Code NEWSITE10 at checkout. Please note this code works for all items.…

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Looking for the ideal Magicshine Bike Ligth Package?

Tuesday 28th August 2018

Looking for the ideal Magicshine Bike Light Package? The days are starting to shorten and many of you may be looking for the ideal bike light package to either get you home safe or have some serious fun on the trails this winter. Well here at Bike Lights UK we have put together some fantastic packages that will help you do just that! Plus there is some discount and free accessories the make the packages better value for money! The Magicshine Monteer and Semee 60 Bike Package. This package has been specifically put together for the road bikers/ Commuters. Both the front and rear lights are powered by internal USB rechargeable batteries meaning no bulky external batteries for you to carry and charge with a mains charger. Plus with the new Monteer 1400 you have a maximum output of 1400 Lumens so you have enough power to light up any country lanes or canal paths. Along with the new Seemee 60 rear light from Magicshine that has smart technology that increases brightness and flash when you brake it also turns it self off after inactivity so you will not waste any battery if you forget to turn it off! It comes with two different mounting set ups so you can attach it to your bike or a clip that allows you to attach it to a backpack or saddlebag. Purchase the package for just £99.99! The Mountain Bikers Favourite! A very popular combination from our customers is the 2 best selling lights the Magicshine MJ-906 and the Magicshine MJ-900. This is a fantastic combination using the light weight MJ900 on your helmet with the mount provided in the package and the MJ906 with its incredible 5000 Lumen Flood beam pattern on the handle bars. This package really does give you any trail rider a fantastic beam pattern for tricky down hill sections. Plus you have the option to mount the bigger on the helmet and vice versa. You can also choose to run both light using the y-cable provided or run them off the two separate batteries provided. All for just £165.99.…

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Magicshine USB rechargeable Bike Lights Ideal for Road Cyclists & Commuters

Wednesday 15th August 2018

Magicshine have been market leaders when it comes to Mountain bike and high output Bike Lights for the past 10 years. However 2018 seems to be the year that they are taking on the huge market of road cyclists and commuters with a new range of USB rechargeable Bike lights with internal batteries and beam patterns that are optimized perfectly for road use so that you don't dazzle oncoming motorists. Lets take a look at the new releases from Magicshine The Allty 300 and Allty 500 Ideal for the average UK commute the Allty 300 is a USB rechargeable All-in-one Bike Light with a maximum output of 300 Lumens from the front light and an integrated rear light at the rear. Its bigger brother boasts a slightly more impressive 500 Lumens. Both the lights have a maximum run time of 1.5 hours on full power however this can be extended by using the different power modes you have available. The button located on top of the light also changes colour to indicate how much power you have left. The Handy USB recharge whilst at work will only take between 1.5-2 hours meaning you will have full battery for the commute home. Both come with the standard Handlebar Mount strap suitable for bar sizes 22-35mm. However if you are wanting to upgrade your Mounting system they are compatible with the Garmin style base and the new TTA out front mount. The Monteer 1400 Over the years we have had hundreds of customers get in touch saying they are in need of a higher powered self contained bike light. It may be that you do lots of riding on dark country lanes or part of your commute is on a canal. The new Monteer 1400 has a maximum output of 1400 Lumens meaning you now have that extra power. With internal battery port that is usb rechargeable. The Battery port can house 2 x 18650 Lithium ion cells that can be freely removed and exchanged meaning it is now easier to carry spare batteries on the go! With a 1.5 hour run time on full power which can be extended using the different power modes this light is ideal for both road cyclists and trail riders looking for a high powered bike light with no cable. This light again is also compatible with the new TTA out front mount.…

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A brief look at Magicshines Most Popualr Bike Lights Ahead of the 2018 Season

Tuesday 7th August 2018

We know it is still the height of English Summer however its starting to become darker earlier. Pair this with that fantastic warm weather we are currently experiencing it's a great excuse to get out when the sun has gone down and it's a bit cooler! Pair this with some fantastic Bike Lights and you are sure to have a blast. If you are looking for a helmet light, trail light or even a road light. We have put together a list of the best selling Magicshine Lights to help you pick. Looking for a Handle Bar Mounted Mountain Bike Light? Although it has been out for a couple of years now the Magicshine MJ-906 is still one of the best bike lights on the market today. With a maximum output of 5000 Lumens and a fantastic flood beam Pattern and various settings it makes it a great handle bar mounted Bike Light for beginners to the night riding scene as well as the seasoned pro's. The 7800 mAh Battery that is supplied with the light provides you with 2 hours run time on full power and using the different settings with a maximum of 10 hours run time can extend this. The best Helmet mounted Bike Light! Without doubt the best and most popular Helmet bike Light we stock is the Mbuk best Value Magicshine MJ-900 1200 Lumens Light. Weight just 55 grams you will not even realize this powerful light is attached to your helmet. And with run times of between 2.5 hours and 10 hours depending on the setting you use this is a great light for all users wanting a helmet light. All you need to do is add the helmet mount to your basket at checkout! Magicshine New range of Road Bike Lights Over the years Magicshine have specialized in developing their range of bike lights specifically for the mountain biking Market. However this has all changed now with the release of 3 new lights targeting the commuters and serious road cyclists. The Allty 300, Allty 500 and the Monteer 1400 all have internal batteries that are rechargeable via the USB provided.…

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New Bike Lights UK Website Launched

Wednesday 1st August 2018

With the days beginning to shorten BikelightsUK are pleased to announce the launch of our new website alongside a new range of bike lights from Magicshine. Our new website makes it easier to browse and purchase orders on any device. With a fully responsive design you will be able to place your order with ease on a desktop, Mobile or Tablet. To celebrate the launch of our new Site we have a discount code that will be running throughout August and September simply enter NEWSITE10 at checkout for a 10% Discount. With the launch of our new website we have also uploaded some new products that we have been testing this summer ready for the winter months. A popular addition to our packages is ideal for any Commuter or Road Biker . The package used the best selling Magicshine MJ-900 and the new Magicshine Seemee 20 Rear Light . All with a little bit of discount to make the package more affordable! As with any new website there may be some issues. If you do encounter any problems please send us an email so we can get this fixed ASAP. Keep your eyes peeled for latest news we have some exciting new models that are launching very soon!…

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