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Magicshine USB rechargeable Bike Lights Ideal for Road Cyclists & Commuters

Wednesday 15th August 2018

Magicshine have been market leaders when it comes to Mountain bike and high output Bike Lights for the past 10 years. However 2018 seems to be the year that they are taking on the huge market of road cyclists and commuters with a new range of USB rechargeable Bike lights with internal batteries and beam patterns that are optimized perfectly for road use so that you don't dazzle oncoming motorists.

Lets take a look at the new releases from Magicshine

The Allty 300 and Allty 500

Ideal for the average UK commute the Allty 300 is a USB rechargeable All-in-one Bike Light with a maximum output of 300 Lumens from the front light and an integrated rear light at the rear. Its bigger brother boasts a slightly more impressive 500 Lumens. Both the lights have a maximum run time of 1.5 hours on full power however this can be extended by using the different power modes you have available. The button located on top of the light also changes colour to indicate how much power you have left. The Handy USB recharge whilst at work will only take between 1.5-2 hours meaning you will have full battery for the commute home. Both come with the standard Handlebar Mount strap suitable for bar sizes 22-35mm. However if you are wanting to upgrade your Mounting system they are compatible with the Garmin style base and the new TTA out front mount.

The Monteer 1400

Over the years we have had hundreds of customers get in touch saying they are in need of a higher powered self contained bike light. It may be that you do lots of riding on dark country lanes or part of your commute is on a canal. The new Monteer 1400 has a maximum output of 1400 Lumens meaning you now have that extra power. With internal battery port that is usb rechargeable. The Battery port can house 2 x 18650 Lithium ion cells that can be freely removed and exchanged meaning it is now easier to carry spare batteries on the go! With a 1.5 hour run time on full power which can be extended using the different power modes this light is ideal for both road cyclists and trail riders looking for a high powered bike light with no cable. This light again is also compatible with the new TTA out front mount.