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Looking for the ideal Magicshine Bike Ligth Package?

Tuesday 28th August 2018

Looking for the ideal Magicshine Bike Light Package?

The days are starting to shorten and many of you may be looking for the ideal bike light package to either get you home safe or have some serious fun on the trails this winter. Well here at Bike Lights UK we have put together some fantastic packages that will help you do just that! Plus there is some discount and free accessories the make the packages better value for money!

The Magicshine Monteer and Semee 60 Bike Package.

This package has been specifically put together for the road bikers/ Commuters. Both the front and rear lights are powered by internal USB rechargeable batteries meaning no bulky external batteries for you to carry and charge with a mains charger. Plus with the new Monteer 1400 you have a maximum output of 1400 Lumens so you have enough power to light up any country lanes or canal paths. Along with the new Seemee 60 rear light from Magicshine that has smart technology that increases brightness and flash when you brake it also turns it self off after inactivity so you will not waste any battery if you forget to turn it off! It comes with two different mounting set ups so you can attach it to your bike or a clip that allows you to attach it to a backpack or saddlebag. Purchase the package for just £99.99!

The Mountain Bikers Favourite!

A very popular combination from our customers is the 2 best selling lights the Magicshine MJ-906 and the Magicshine MJ-900. This is a fantastic combination using the light weight MJ900 on your helmet with the mount provided in the package and the MJ906 with its incredible 5000 Lumen Flood beam pattern on the handle bars. This package really does give you any trail rider a fantastic beam pattern for tricky down hill sections. Plus you have the option to mount the bigger on the helmet and vice versa. You can also choose to run both light using the y-cable provided or run them off the two separate batteries provided. All for just £165.99.