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Announcement Following The Closure Of Magicshine UK

Saturday 17th November 2018

Over the Past couple of weeks we have had numerous emails from worried customers regarding warranty questions now that Magicshine UK have closed. Therefore we just wanted to clarify and answer a few of the Frequently asked questions.

1. Magicshine UK are not the owner and manufacturers of the Magicshine Lights. They were simply a retailer in the UK.

2. Therefore there closure does not effect any warranty claims with ourselves and you will still receive a 12 month warranty on all products purchased from us including accessories and batteries.

3. Since we started business in 2011 we have never had any business relation with Magicshine UK and we deal directly with the manufacturer therefore our supply chain will not be effected due to Magicshine UK closure. (However we have struggled to keep on top of stock control as the closure of Magicshine UK took us by surprise and therefore did not have enough stock to cope with the extra demand.) We are hope-full that this will be resolved in the next week or so and should not be running out of stock as frequent.

4. Warranty Issues with orders from Magicshine UK. We are currently working with the Manufacturer to come up with some sort of agreement so that we can help Magicshine UK customers with any warranty claims. However until we reach an agreement we can not take in any faulty Magicshine UK orders. We Recommend getting in touch directly with the Manufacturer on However if you have any question regarding the function of the lights etc... Please do not hesitate to get in touch we will be more than happy to help.

If you have any questions regarding the information above please let us know.

Kind Regards